SCADA & Network Engineer

Silicon Ranch Corporation is one of the nation’s leading developer, owner, and operators of utility scale solar energy plants. We deliver energy with zero carbon emissions and zero water consumption needs.

  • We focus on providing excellent customer service, while developing creative and cost- effective custom solar energy
  • We work with a diverse set of customers including utilities, electrical cooperatives, military and defense facilities, large industrial and commercial businesses.
  • Our customized approach delivers clean energy in a manner that reduces environmental impacts and aids in economic development in local communities through capital investment, increased tax revenues, and job

We are experiencing significant growth and are looking for the following to join our dynamic and fast-growing team:

Position: Senior SCADA Engineer

Location: Nashville, TN

Overview: This position is responsible for overseeing the design and operations of the SCADA system for the Silicon Ranch solar power plants.


Main Responsibilities:


  • Manages the resolution of SCADA equipment failures across the solar facilities in the Silicon Ranch portfolio and the determination of root causes of failures of equipment in the field.
  • Oversees and manages the SCADA design review for new projects being built by Silicon Ranch.
  • Oversees the specification for the SCADA system.
  • Leads effort to remotely troubleshoot and manage issues on the SCADA equipment.
  • Assists with taking management over NERC/CIP items in-house where able.
  • Assists in the development of Python based algorithms to analyze data coming from the operating Silicon Ranch power plants.
  • Assists with managing cybersecurity for the Silicon Ranch fleet.
  • Provides engineering leadership on any special projects that require controls and data acquisition technical expertise such as, but not exclusively: a control system to manage tracker positions based on the location of livestock, retrofitting existing projects with equipment that allows for more direct Owner control over data acquisition and control, designing a SCADA system for new Silicon Ranch projects, and creating an algorithm to separately control the reactive power output of different Inverters within a power plant.
  • Assists the team in overseeing the alert management system for the fleet of projects, including the creation of new alarms in the GPM Plus C sharp based system.
  • Leads the vetting of new SCADA providers and equipment.
  • Provides expertise in data mining and analysis in different software at the recommendation of the Engineer.

Reporting: Dylan Sontag, Director – Asset Operations and Performance Engineering

Qualifications: Intermediate skills with Microsoft Excel and Python, R, or a comparable platform required. Intermediate knowledge of how solar systems are installed and operated is required.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Mathematics required.

Experience: 1 or more years of work experience in power plant SCADA design or operational management required. Solar power experience highly desired.


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