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“To create bigger impact, we have to come together,” says Clarina Dela Cruz of Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL). ORNL is home to facilities where scientists are doing research energy at billion dollar levels. Silicon Ranch Corporation’s President and CEO Matt Kisber explains, “Businesses can use Oak Ridge National Lab to support the challenges they have in business processes.” Companies like Local Motors, who printed the first 3D car, have innovatively utilized the lab to take laboratory-scale technology and commercialize it for the greater purpose of creating solutions that promote clean energy. Dr. Thomas Zacharia of ORNL affirms, “Being part of the solution for delivering clean, reliable, safe energy that does not harm the environment—if we are able to succeed in that endeavor, then it will be a worthwhile cause.”

In this Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council (TAEBC) video, Innovations in Advanced Energy, discover how innovation gives Tennessee an edge in the $1.3 trillion global advanced energy marketplace.