On June 8, 2021, construction started at the 9-MWac solar development Martin Solar Farm in rural Washington County, Tennessee. The project officially began generating power in December 2021, becoming Silicon Ranch’s second solar farm partnership with BrightRidge in Washington County.

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Martin Solar Farm

Producing enough energy to power about 1,000 homes annually, the 9-megawatt (MWac) facility will be named the Martin Solar Farm in honor of the late Ralph Martin, who served for many years as director of the local power company.

Martin Solar Farm was the first project to enter the construction phase under TVA’s new Generation Flexibility Program that is designed to encourage local power companies (LPCs) to develop new distributed generation facilities.

The Martin Solar Farm will allow BrightRidge to generate clean energy to lower costs and support community and economic development. In addition, Silicon Ranch will contribute significant tax revenues that are accretive to the local tax base and help support the local school district.

BrightRidgeCEO Jeff Dykes announced that energy produced by the Martin Solar Farm will be offered first to area K-12 and higher education systems interested in offsetting some of their electricity needs with cleaner energy sources.

The project was the second solar generation facility on the BrightRidge system built in partnership with Silicon Ranch and TVA. In 2019, the partners commissioned the Telford Solar Farm under the former TVA Distributed Solar Solutions program.

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“Under the visionary leadership of its CEO Jeff Dykes and its board of directors, BrightRidge continues to represent the best of public power and is truly at the vanguard of the Flexibility Program here in the Tennessee Valley. Silicon Ranch is honored to expand our partnership with BrightRidge through this landmark project, and we applaud TVA for empowering all LPCs to leverage low-cost renewable energy to meet customer needs and recruit new business.”

-Matt Kisber, Silicon Ranch Co-Founder and Chairman

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