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In this video, Nick de Vries is joined by Silicon Ranch’s Construction Manager, Andrew Niles, to discuss the cross-pattern seeding implemented at our Lancaster Solar Farm. Cross-pattern seeding on the Regenerative Energy® platform consists of sowing one set of seeds North to South and another set of seeds going East to West, forming a gridline pattern of grasses. 

In the case of the Lancaster Solar Farm, we employed drill seeding after the site had been graded. As Nick explains, we try to minimize grading in our plant designs, but many sites still require it to some extent. When grading is necessary, we follow up by reseeding quickly. Drill seeding is implemented early in the construction process—before any piles are driven—and allows for a tighter density of grasses. This reduces erosion from rainfall and in turn increases the integrity of the soil and its ability to support piles, both critical to a solar power plant’s function.