Getting Ahead Of It

In follow up to the last video, Nick de Vries is joined by regenerative rancher and Silicon Ranch Regenerative Energy® partner Will Harris of White Oak Pastures. 

Last fall, following the season’s peanut harvest, Will and his team sowed cover crops (cool season annuals and warm season perennials) on the future site of our Clay Solar Ranch. 

In the middle of the now lush field in South Georgia, Nick and Will discuss the importance of taking action before construction begins to establish vegetation, stabilize soil, and reduce risk during the solar power plant’s construction and operation. 

Watch as they examine the various plant species and root structures thriving on the land and review the already-visible outcomes of early action taken via Regenerative Energy® at this site. 

“The most cost-effective way of stabilizing your land is to get ahead of it. Once you get behind, it’s extremely expensive to catch back up.” – Will Harris, White Oak Pastures

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