Silicon Ranch Partners with Johnson City Power Board

In partnership with Silicon Ranch Corporation and the TVA’s Distributed Solar Solutions pilot program, the Johnson City Power Board will work to bring a 40-acre solar farm to the local area.

The TVA is fostering partnerships between local utilities and private solar energy developers to build electricity generating projects. TVA spokesperson Scott Fiedler said, “With both of them working together, the local power companies and the solar developers, it’s a partnership that will bring forward projects that will benefit everyone.”

The four projects constructed through this program will combine a total generating capacity of 16.7 megawatts (MW). The farm built by Silicon Ranch Corporation and the Johnson City Power Board will have a capacity of 5 MW, which can power approximately 400 homes.

Though the solar farm location has not yet been selected, Jeff Dykes, CEO of the Johnson City Power Board explained, “Silicon Ranch would be the one doing the work, so we will be working with them to find the best location for it. One megawatt usually covers about an average of six to eight acres, so with full installation, we would be talking a roughly 40- to 50-acre solar farm.”

Silicon Ranch Corporation has developed several similar solar projects across the U.S., including some collaboratively with public utilities and large manufacturers.

FULL STORY: Johnson City Press

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