Silicon Ranch Community Engagement Video

In this brief video, Silicon Ranch co-founders Matt Kisber and Reagan Farr, along with Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Beasley, discuss Silicon Ranch Corporation’s community engagement philosophy, with a specific highlight on the Mead Energy Academy, an innovative program that exposes students to the principles of energy generated from both conventional and renewable sources.

When Silicon Ranch enters and builds within a community, the goal is to become a genuine part of that community by becoming involved in different ways. The Mead Energy Academy is a shining example of that mission. “Doing the work we’re doing in rural communities—bringing them cutting-edge technology and energy infrastructure that they can be proud of, that makes them progressive, that helps them recruit new industry to their communities, that generates real jobs—that’s an exciting thing to be a part of and what I’m most proud of at Silicon Ranch,” affirms Beasley.

Watch the video below to learn more.


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