Video: First Things First

Regenerative Energy® may look like a flock of sheep under a bunch of solar panels, but at its core, this platform is about a holistic approach to the design, construction, and operation of a project, starting with the land it occupies, and the people involved in it, from the regenerative ranchers managing the project, to our neighbors, to the happy customers of cleaner, more cost-effective solar power.

In this short video, learn from our Director of Regenerative Energy® and Land Management, Michael Baute, about our first steps in designing a new solar site that will be managed using Regenerative Energy®. At an early stage of development, Michael evaluates the property, which will eventually house a 250MW solar power plant, to assess existing infrastructure (houses, barns, fencing, irrigation equipment, etc.) that can be reused to optimize the facility’s layout and design while reducing unnecessary costs and waste.

Read our recent case study on the Turkey Creek Solar Ranch to learn more about how our regenerative approach to solar power plant design and construction fits into our ongoing effort to increase efficiency, boost local impacts, and reduce waste.

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