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Old Skills, New Context


Meet our Agrivoltaic Technician, Tyler Huber, and his two ranch paws, Twinkie and John Wayne, as Tyler goes through his team’s daily routine managing the land at our 645-acre Snipesville Solar Ranch in Denton, Georgia, as part of our Regenerative Energy® platform.    

Upon arriving, Tyler makes sure waters are filled for the animals, the electric fencing for the paddock is in good shape, and the ‘guardian dogs’ have their food. 

Next, Tyler monitors the sheep flock resting at the far end of the paddock. The key, he says, is to give the flock space to let them do their work. “I’m always trying to see what’s different, but I don’t want to affect the sheep’s behavior with how I position myself or the dogs. So, I like to keep a good distance from the flock and just kind of look over everybody.”  

With the sheep ruminating and looking healthy, Tyler takes a closer look at the vegetation that’s been grazed to learn more about the flock’s behavior. He notes how the sheep graze the most nutritious parts of forage available, preventing the plants from getting taller and becoming a shading concern for the solar panels.  

Through our Regenerative Energy® platform, Tyler is using his ranching expertise, while also getting to know what the solar power plant needs. “It’s a lot of the same old skills, but a new context – a new kind of ranching,” adds Nick de Vries.