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WSMV News4 Nashville highlights the benefits of Regenerative Energy® and holistic sheep grazing at Silicon Ranch’s Pulaski Solar Ranch

PULASKI, TN (WSMV) – Grazing the grounds around futuristic-looking solar panels at a plant in Pulaski is a flock of sheep that transform the land there, leaving a forward-thinking footprint.

The Silicon Ranch Plant is helping our planet with a process called ‘regenerative energy,” and it’s a hard day’s work for a flock of sheep.

“I’ve been excited about it all year long,” Trey Lawrence of Tall Oaks Farm and Land Management LLC said.

The field at the Silicon Ranch Plant is made for energy and sheep eager to chow down on the ground.

“Sheep take care of everything better,” Lawrence said. “I think every company should be interested in it.”

Silicon Ranch calls it regenerative energy, already seeing a flock’s worth of benefits from adding sheep to its solar plant in Pulaski to help maintain the grounds.

“Here we are now because I heard about this, and I thought, you know, that is freaking awesome. I love that,” Lawrence said.

The longtime farmer manages the sheep and has seen the benefits in just two shakes of a lamb’s tail

“See where that seed right there is coming out of the ground where it was planted by the hoof,” Lawrence said. “This grass is trying to stop this dirt from eroding right here.’

For the past year, it’s meant better soil, new jobs, and a smaller carbon footprint.

“A lot of our sites are developed on farmland, and it’s our goal to keep, keep the sites in agricultural production, while producing clean energy within the communities where we’re building these projects,” Regenerative Energy Project Manager, Silicon Ranch Loran Shallenberger said.

It’s working so well, in fact, during the News 4 visit, the sheep had eaten so much grass that they had to be moved to another location. Of course, they’re also pregnant. Just the kind of thing that keeps Lawrence loving his job.

“Me, I don’t want to be on a tractor. I want to be walking through the stock. I want to be looking at the animals, checking their water,” Lawrence said. “You know they like me too; they holler when they see me.”

A partnership of people and planet that makes Lawrence thankful. And if you listen closely, it sounds like the earth agrees too.