Communities come first

Every Silicon Ranch solar project is built to benefit the town, county, and community where it is located.

A different approach to solar projects

Renewable, carbon-free, independent energy matters more than ever. People matter most of all. And these things are not mutually exclusive.

Our solar projects generate renewable energy AND benefit the communities around them.

The energy transition is not just about serving the environment and protecting the planet. It’s about helping communities—like yours— thrive.

At Silicon Ranch, we own and operate every one of our projects for the life of the facility, underscoring our deep commitment to the partners and communities we serve.

In line with this commitment, we do what we say we will do: Since we began operations in 2011, we have successfully delivered every project for every Power Purchase Agreement we have signed.

Our Priorities

Making solar do more®… What does it mean?

Restoring and protecting the land that’s important to you, your family, and your neighbors. We work to improve soil, water, natural habitat, and air quality on and around every one of our projects using Regenerative Energy® practices.

Giving you a voice. We work with community leaders and local stakeholders in making key decisions, so you have a say in how a new solar project will—and won’t— affect your community.

Making a long-term commitment to your community. Unlike other solar companies, we never sell our projects after committing to a community. We own our projects for the long term. We choose the right path over the easier path to get the job done throughout the life of each project, and that includes decommissioning.

Delivering on our promises that can help boost your local economy. New tax revenue means improving your community’s infrastructure and funding your town’s specific priorities right away and over the long term without requiring government services in return.

Bringing your community new jobs, training, and opportunities. Our solar farms open new doors that help your community thrive and compete without altering what makes your area unique.

Investing in America. We have demonstrated leadership in our commitment to support US manufacturing with strong solar manufacturing partnerships with best-in-class businesses who are investing here at home. We promote US manufacturing and job creation and are invested in improving the carbon footprint of our supply chain.

“Silicon Ranch is one of the largest owners of solar assets in the United States. And they have a deep commitment to sustainability and regenerative solar, both in terms of agriculture but also creating a circular economy. And we’re thrilled to be working with them in a deep partnership to scale this for the industry.

By partnering with us and to recycle the panels, they’re sending a signal to the rest of the industry and helping to create a collaborative environment and consensus for the industry to get together to recycle all these end of life panels and create that circular economy.”

– Suvi Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO of SOLARCYCLE, Inc

Our Partners

At Silicon Ranch, we build every solar project with a community mindset: we’re here to help make communities like yours healthier and stronger.

Because we own and operate each project for the long-term, when we build a solar project in your area, we become your neighbor and an active member of your community.

Our projects help to drive economic growth in your region, restore the health of the land we steward, and contribute to your community’s legacy for generations to come, all while boosting the local tax base.

Bringing a renewable energy project to your community is just the beginning.

Hear From Our Communities