Silicon Ranch serves all kinds of communities that care about low-cost, clean energy and economic development.

Our community of customers includes:

        • municipal electric systems
        • rural electric cooperatives
        • investor-owned utilities
        • government agencies
        • military and defense facilities
        • high schools, colleges, and universities
        • industrial companies of all sizes
        • commercial businesses
        • data and distribution centers

We consider the people that these entities serve part of our community of customers too. We support their access to a cheaper, cleaner source of energy and their chance to live in healthier, economically stronger cities and towns.


We work with landowners who have property available for development to transform their acreage into full-service solar energy farms that bring cutting-edge electrical infrastructure to their community.

Commercial and Industrial

We work with commercial and industrial clients to provide customized, cost-effective solar energy solutions tailored to their specific goals.


We work with utilities across the country, including generation & transmission (G&T) companies, public power districts, investor owned utilities (IOUs), local municipals, and electric cooperatives to help them bring low-cost solar energy to their customers.


We work with other solar energy developers nationwide to create turnkey solar energy solutions. We also buy projects from developers to ensure effective and efficient energy delivery to customers.

Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association - Fort Collins, CO

“Silicon Ranch stepped in to acquire a project in our service area at a critical time as we were looking for an experienced partner who had the technical expertise and financial wherewithal to execute a complex transaction in a challenging environment...”

-Jeff Wadsworth, CEO