Renewable Energy Solutions

Keeping our promises through partnership

In a typical renewable energy project agreement, Silicon Ranch builds, owns, operates, and maintains a project in collaboration with a partner who agrees to purchase electricity generated by a renewable energy project for a set period of time.

Is your company, town, or utility seeking a renewable energy partner? Explore how Silicon Ranch can make your renewable energy solution a reality.


Why partner with Silicon Ranch?

Access cost-stable, affordable power

Our partners receive energy from a reliable resource at a known cost for the long term, which also reduces dependence on traditional, fossil-based energy sources.

Work with a one-stop, end-to-end expert

Our team brings deep, industry-leading experience in developing, designing, funding, and building renewable energy and battery storage projects. We have the technical, financial, and construction experience, as well as long-standing manufacturer relationships, to get things done right.

Realize the benefits of renewable energy without the learning curve

Outsourcing the planning, permitting, building, and operation to Silicon Ranch alleviates the need to build an in-house team or become a solar expert overnight and allows our project partners to focus on their core business.

Align with a company committed to positive results

Our solar projects deliver proven, measurable improvements in the communities where we build. We help our partners garner community support from day one throughout the life of each project.

Follow the social return of our investment in the community

Quantify the value of our project with an extensive, third-party verified, audit-ready SROI report forecasting social, economic, and environmental outcomes, that supports CSR, ESG, and climate disclosure reporting requirements, as well as sustainability, renewable energy, and carbon footprint reduction goals.

Enhance your social license to operate

We measure and third-party verify the ecological outcomes of our work together, providing a compelling narrative to excite your stakeholders and enhancing your social license to operate.

At Silicon Ranch, we own and operate our projects for the long-term

Unlike many solar companies, we don’t sell our projects; we develop them with long-term ownership in mind. When working with us, our partners and neighbors do so with the understanding that they are partnering with a company that does what it promises, respects the history and local identity of a place, and listens and takes heed of the specific concerns of the people who live there.

We own each of our facilities for the long-term because we want to be certain that our customers and neighbors will receive the same level of partnership they initially signed up for, throughout the life of each project.

As long-term owners of our facilities, we restore and protect the soil, water, natural habitat, and air quality on our ranches. We often partner with farmers to keep solar ranch land in agriculture—so it does double duty.

As a landowner we become a tax-paying member in each community where we locate one of our facilities. In doing so, we inject rural communities with substantial new tax revenue to strengthen their economies, plus bring the jobs, training, and opportunities that help small towns thrive and compete without altering what makes them unique.

Recent Project Partners

We are proud to work alongside our partners to develop unique, win-win solutions that meet the needs of every stakeholder.


Battery Storage Solutions In Development

At Silicon Ranch, we stay on the forefront of technological advances to serve the needs of our project partners. We have a number of projects in development to fit the needs of battery storage and other bespoke solutions.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you balance your customer demand and multiply the impacts of solar power generation with battery storage solutions for your project.