Our Mission

We’re Silicon Ranch, the Southeast’s Solar Energy Pioneer. We’re a solar developer that brings communities across the country a multitude of benefits: low-cost and clean energy, economic growth and development, and dedicated partnerships they can count on for the long-term.

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An American Leader in
Renewable Energy

Founded in Tennessee in 2011, Silicon Ranch entered a U.S. solar market dominated by companies from Europe and the American West and Southwest. We’ve since become a recognized solar industry leader nationwide because of our unique business model, receiving the Green Power Leadership Award by the Center for Resource Solutions in recognition of our unparalleled ability to deliver innovative, customized solutions.

  • We generate cost savings and drive economic development.
  • We own and operate our entire portfolio of solar projects.
  • We choose the right path over the easier path to get the job done.
  • We get to know our diverse customers—public and investor-owned utilities, commercial and industrial businesses, military and defense facilities, and educational institutions— to understand their needs and fulfill them.
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Low-Cost Energy. Straight from the Sun.
Straight to You.

We bring clean, renewable energy to our rural community partners that translates as a net positive for their bottom lines. Solar is reliable, cost-effective, and a boon to all sectors of a local economy. And it produces zero emissions and has zero water consumption needs. Because it’s straight from the sun.

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