Our Mission

As the long-term owner-operator for all of our projects, Silicon Ranch takes a long-term view of our relationships and our responsibilities in the communities we serve.

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An American Leader in
Renewable Energy

Founded in Tennessee in 2011, Silicon Ranch entered a U.S. solar market dominated by companies from Europe and the American west and southwest. We’ve since become a recognized industry leader nationwide because we become part of the community always choose the right path over the easier path to get the job done.

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Solar Panels
Over 2,000,000
Solar modules installed
kW hours generated
0 Tons
Saved in greenhouse gas emissions
Low-Cost Energy. Straight from the Sun.
Straight to You.

We bring clean energy to our rural community partners that translates as a net positive for their bottom lines. Solar is reliable, cost-effective, and a boon to all sectors of a local economy. And it produces zero emissions and has zero water consumption needs. Because it’s straight from the sun.

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