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How does energy feed into the overall economic development of our country? When you consider energy’s role in our economy, it’s more than a commodity, but rather the foundation of growth. New businesses have always demanded an energy partner that can provide affordable, reliable, plentiful power for their operations. 

In our eighteenth episode of Silicon Ranch Radio, Jim Bausell welcomes the CEO of South Carolina’s Power Team, James Chavez. James’s work with the SC Power Team, driving economic development in support of our partners at the Central Electric Power Cooperative and the 20 distribution cooperatives it serves across South Carolina, makes him a unique voice in this conversation. Together these groups embody the cooperative principles – particularly Cooperation Among Cooperatives, and Concern for Community – that are so aligned with Silicon Ranch’s core values. Listen as these two explore the role that economic development plays in building the future of our region, our communities, and our quality of life.