In November 2017, Rattlesnake, a 16 megawatt (MWAC) solar project, became the largest cooperative solar array in Colorado. Rattlesnake is the third and largest project between partners Silicon Ranch and United Power.

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Largest cooperative solar array in Colorado

Rattlesnake comprises 175-acres of land located just east of Platteville, CO. It also features technology that allows more than 185,000 solar panels to track the sun from east to west and provides enough low-cost, renewable energy to power more than 3,000 homes annually. Combined with the partners’ two previous collaborations, Fort Lupton Solar Farm (13 MWAC) and Mavericks Solar Farm (6.5 MWAC), more than 6,700 homes and businesses in United Power’s territory are now powered by the solar energy generated from these three utility-scale facilities.

*Project aerials courtesy of McCarthy Building Companies, who served as the EPC contractor on this project.

More than environmental benefits
“This will be the 3rd and largest project that United Power has done with Silicon Ranch. At 16 MW, this system will represent a significant resource in providing renewable energy to our communities. We are especially proud that Silicon Ranch could work with us in adopting a load following strategy to minimize the impact of these larger systems on the distribution system. The 36.5 MW of solar that Silicon Ranch has helped us develop along with the additional 24 MW of small solar has placed United Power in the top 5 for co-ops in the nation for connected solar. It’s been a great working relationship and very impactful to our utility and to our community.”

-Jerry Marizza, New Energy Program Coordinator, United Power Cooperative

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