Silicon Ranch and Green Power EMC commissioned the Terrell Solar Farm in August 2020. The 74-megawatt (MWac) facility is located in Terrell County, Georgia and provides low-cost, renewable energy to over 12,000 EMC households. The project produces zero carbon emissions, requires zero water consumption, and generates ~190,000 megawatt-hours annually.

74 MWac
Project Size
Solar Panels
Solar Modules
752 acres
Site Footprint

Terrell Solar Farm is part of a portfolio of four solar projects totaling 200-megawatts (MWac) that expands the relationship between Silicon Ranch and Green Power EMC in southern Georgia.

Innovation and Value Creation
“The Georgia EMCs deserve enormous credit for their vision to provide competitively-priced, renewable power to their members. Continued improvements in solar cost and technology will help our EMCs meet their members’ interest in solar energy and maintain competitive energy costs. We are proud to partner again with Silicon Ranch to provide solar energy to them at such an affordable cost.”

-Jeff Pratt, President, Green Power EMC

Project Partners

Silicon Ranch
Green Power EMC