VIDEO: Closing the Circle at Pulaski Solar Farm – Silicon Ranch and SOLARCYCLE

“Today, we’re recycling 2,500 modules. They will get on three different flatbed trailers and head for Odessa, Texas. In Odessa, SOLARCYCLE will remove the frames and begin to reduce the base components down to their natural elements so that they can be used in future manufacturing processes, whether that be solar modules or other manufacturing processes here in the US.”

– Lynsey Tibbs, Vice President of Asset Management

Silicon Ranch’s commitment to being a good neighbor is demonstrated at sites like our Pulaski Solar Farm. We are proud to be SOLARCYCLE’s first utility-scale partner, empowering scalable and traceable recycling solutions that help drive the domestic circular economy. As the long-term owner and operator of every project we develop, we help “close the circle” in the solar industry by returning valuable materials from end-of-life #solar panels back into the domestic supply chain.

Watch this video to see how we regenerate the land, recycle our modules, and contribute to circularity in the manufacturing industry.

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