Listen: Silicon Ranch Radio Ep. 27 – Tuning Our Solar Power Plants for Peak Performance

With a 100% track record of completing every project we contract and a portfolio of more than 145 operating solar power plants in 14 states, New York to California, our partners are confident that we will provide the contracted energy that we have committed to them over the life of each project. 

Since we own and operate every project we develop, we not only select the most reliable technology, we keep a sharp eye on the operating status of every panel and component. And it takes highly trained talent to use a variety of tools and know-how to do just that.

In a way, making sure a solar farm stays in peak operating efficiency, it’s sort of like a good mystery story or a complex puzzle.

Sure, maybe it can be easy to detect a very visible problem in performance, but how about predicting a performance issue before there are any clear symptoms?

In a way, Silicon Ranch’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) team members are sort of like detectives. Part of their job is to fix a problem before it even occurs! Now that’s good sleuthing.

With us today are Davin Smith, Regional Manager for Power Plant Maintenance for Silicon Ranch, and Jason Boatwright, one of Silicon Ranch’s Solar O&M Technicians.

So, join us today to hear how these two master detectives and craftsmen, are helping to make solar do more! And stay tuned for the end of our episode to hear “Home” an original tune from the talented Taylor Downes.


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