VIDEO: Dirty Work with Dung Beetles

Dirty Work with Dung Beetles

“Dung beetles!” are the most exciting wildlife at our Bancroft Station Solar Farm, according to White Oak Pastures’ Small Ruminants Manager, Bridget Hogan.  

Bridget and her team have managed the land at Silicon Ranch’s Bancroft Station since we first introduced sheep at the site about a year and a half ago as part of our Regenerative Energy® platform. Over this period, Bridget has watched the facility’s ecosystem respond to the introduction of Regenerative Energy®. 

This response has included a jump in wildlife biodiversity at the site — including rabbits, mice, snakes, quail, and dung beetles. Dung beetles are especially noteworthy, as they do the dirty work bringing nutrients from animal droppings down into the soil. In addition to having such a direct impact on soil regeneration, this process also helps to decrease parasite load for the sheep on our sites. 

Hear Nick and Bridget discuss the important role these unsung heroes play in keeping the soil and sheep healthy at Bancroft Station. 

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