Appling Solar Farm

About Appling Solar Farm

Appling Solar Farm in Appling County, Georgia began generating power in December 2020. The 25 MWac facility is part of the portfolio of projects that provides 100% renewable energy to Meta’s Newton Data Center.

Silicon Ranch commends the nearly 150 craft workers who constructed the Appling Solar Farm over 8 months, many of whom were recruited from the local community.

25 MWac

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189 Acres

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We Do What We Say We Will Do

“In 2020, our team expanded Silicon Ranch’s legacy for successful project delivery and for ‘doing what we say we will do’ by working proactively and responsibly to navigate a global pandemic and deliver these projects on schedule for Walton EMC and Facebook. We thank all the men and women at IEA and Georgia Transmission Corporation who supported our efforts and helped us continue this compelling economic development narrative in the state of Georgia.”

– Reagan Farr, Silicon Ranch Co-Founder and CEO

Regenerative Energy® at Appling SolarFarm

Silicon Ranch is committed to better solar farms and a healthier planet. Through our Regenerative Energy® program, we help communities generate clean solar electricity and healthy soil and food. Regenerative Energy® keeps solar farm land in agricultural production. To deliver Regenerative Energy®, Silicon Ranch partners with regenerative ranchers and local farmers to use holistic agriculture practices on solar farms. These practices remove carbon from the atmosphere, enrich the soil, improve air and water quality, and increase biodiversity. Regenerative Energy® leads to restored natural resources and overall stronger ecosystems while creating additional high value long-term jobs. The Appling Solar Farm initiated select Regenerative Energy® practices in 2021 and has already seen positive land regeneration outcomes: more plants per square foot covering more soil and increased plant diversity.

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