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Lancaster Solar Farm, an 80-megawatt solar facility in Calhoun County, Georgia, has been operating since December 2021.

80 MWac

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“Our Community for the Long Term”

The Lancaster Solar Farm is part of a portfolio of projects that will provide power to Walton Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) as part of the co-op’s agreement to supply 100 percent renewable energy to Meta’s data center in Newton County, Georgia.

Watch the project tribute video to learn more about how this solar farm supports the local community.

Powering Meta’s Data Center

We do what we say we’ll do, including our commitment to hire locally and to recruit military veterans. As we began hiring veterans, we quickly realized the unique skills that they bring to the team. We are proud to exceed the national average for hiring U.S. military veterans and to help develop a solar-ready workforce in the communities we serve. Our work together at Lancaster Solar Farm helps illustrate how this approach makes us all stronger.

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Regenerative Energy® at Lancaster

Silicon Ranch is implementing its utility-scale agrivoltaics platform, Regenerative Energy®, at the Lancaster Solar Ranch.

Under this holistic approach to solar farm design, construction, and land use management, Silicon Ranch marries clean energy generation and regenerative agriculture, keeping land in agricultural production and restoring it to a functioning grassland ecosystem through managed sheep grazing under and around solar panels and other regenerative pastureland management practices. These regenerative ranching practices sequester atmospheric carbon in the soil, restore vital habitat, biodiversity, and soil health, and improve water quality, while also producing pasture-raised, solar-shaded meats, creating jobs, and building economic and community resilience. Outcomes are measured and third-party verified.

Meaningful Invesetments in Rural Communities

“Walton EMC and Meta deserve enormous credit for making this solar project possible and for enabling Silicon Ranch to make meaningful investments in rural communities across the state. As the long-term owner of our projects, Silicon Ranch is committed to the communities we serve, and we are pleased to work with our partners to advance this legacy in Calhoun County.”

– Reagan Farr, Silicon Ranch Co-Founder and CEO