Millington I Solar Farm

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Millington, TN

On April 23, 2019, Silicon Ranch, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the City of Millington, Millington Industrial Development Board (MIDB), and Memphis, Light Gas & Water (MLGW) officially “Flipped the Switch” on a 53 MWac solar facility in Millington, TN. The facility produces enough electricity to power approximately 7,500 homes.

53 MWac

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400+ acres of solar panels

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“Reliable, Professional, and Community-Oriented Development Partner”

Silicon Ranch owns, operates and maintains Millington I Solar Farm through a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The facility provides solar power to TVA customers, including NSA Mid-South, at cost-competitive rates. 

The solar project includes a single-axis tracking table mounting system, which allows 525,000 panels to follow the sun across its daily arc.

“When presented with the opportunity to partner with the US Navy and Tennessee Valley Authority for a large scale solar farm development, the Millington Industrial Development Board wanted to find a reliable, professional, and community oriented development partner. Our due diligence brought us in contact with many outstanding companies. As we worked through the selection process, one company, Silicon Ranch Corporation, stood out.

They embodied all of the outstanding characteristics our economic development organization was seeking. Their understanding of our community and our short and long term goals made them the unanimous choice of our development board. Working through the solar development process they exhibited respect for our land, flexibility in solving problems, excellent communication skills, astute financial management, and ongoing accountability.

As an economic developer I look for partnerships where all involved parties come out winners. Silicon Ranch Corporation has shown itself to be the kind of company which wants that winning relationship to exist. I strongly endorse them to be your solar developer.”

– Charles Gulotta, Executive Director, Millington (TN) Industrial Development Board

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