Selmer I & II

About Selmer I & II Solar Projects

Selmer, Tennessee

Silicon Ranch partnered with Pickwick Electric Cooperative (PEC), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and McNairy County Industrial Development Board to commission two Selmer, Tennessee, solar farms that generate enough energy to power approximately 4,000 homes each year in the Tennessee Valley. The statistics below show the combined, full operating capacity of the Selmer I and II solar projects.

25 MWac

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Solar Modules

237 Acres

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Two Power Plants. One Mission.

On June 15, 2017, Pickwick Electric Cooperative (PEC), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), McNairy County Industrial Development Board, and Silicon Ranch officially commissioned and turned on a 8.5 MWac solar energy facility in Selmer, Tennessee. The facility generates clean, renewable electricity that is provided to TVA as part of its Renewable Standard Offer (RSO) program. The project utilizes nearly 87,000 state-of-the-art First Solar modules and single-axis tracking technology to optimize energy generation throughout the year.

In addition to the first project, on October 5, 2017, Silicon Ranch, PEC, and TVA commissioned a second 16.1 MWac solar project 5 miles southeast of the initial array.

Together, these projects generate enough energy to power approximately 4,000 homes each year in the Tennessee Valley. The two solar projects position Selmer, McNairy County, and Pickwick Electric Cooperative as regional and national leaders in economic development via the advancement of solar energy. The distributed generation from these two facilities assist the utilities with managing peak demand and reducing strain on the electrical grid.

Regenerative Energy® at Selmer I & II

Silicon Ranch is committed to better solar farms and a healthier planet. Through our Regenerative Energy® program, we help communities generate clean solar electricity and healthy soil and food. Regenerative Energy® keeps solar farm land in agricultural production. To deliver Regenerative Energy®, Silicon Ranch partners with regenerative ranchers and local farmers to use holistic agriculture practices on solar farms. These practices remove carbon from the atmosphere, enrich the soil, improve air and water quality, and increase biodiversity. Regenerative Energy® leads to restored natural resources and overall stronger ecosystems while creating additional high value long-term jobs.

The Selmer I and II Solar Farms initiated select Regenerative Energy® practices in 2019 and have already seen positive land regeneration outcomes: more plants per square foot covering more soil, healthier plants, and increased plant and animal biodiversity.

“As the President and CEO of Pickwick Electric Cooperative, I have first-hand knowledge of Silicon Ranch’s demonstrated capabilities and execution on honoring their commitments. Their plants are state-of-the-art in terms of design and we have had zero operational challenges in working with their team or integrating their plants in our electric system.

Allowing Silicon Ranch the opportunity to do what they do best in the field of solar-generated energy will have a lasting imprint on the region from an economic development, energy reliability, and portfolio diversity perspective.”

– John Bowers, President & CEO, Pickwick Electric Cooperative

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