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As the long-term owner and operator of all of our facilities, Silicon Ranch takes pride in being a good neighbor. We partner with the communities in which we locate to engage local groups like students.

An Animal Science class from nearby Atkinson County High School recently visited our Snipesville Solar Ranch to see firsthand how we co-locate renewable energy generation and managed sheep grazing. 

Regenerative Energy is at the heart of our Snipesville Solar Ranch in agriculture-based Denton, Georgia, and it’s the first site to be managed by our company-owned flock of sheep and team of agrivoltaic technicians. 

“The livestock production side of things is what we were interested in, and then we’ve just gotten so much more out of that,” said Amanda Wooditch, the agriculture teacher at Atkinson County High School.

We love getting to see the interest and excitement from the next generation in our communities when they visit our facilities.